31 ways in 31 days challenge

Claire Dunling

Now, regardless of whether you’re a “new year, new me” kinda person. We hope (and think) that most of our newsletter readers are making 2019 the year for understanding our four-legged friends that little bit better, to building an even better bond, all while having a lot more fun with your fluffy fellas along the way. With that said, we cordially invite you to take part in our 31 ways in 31 days challenge!

January can be a tough time of year with the dark mornings, miserable weather and that ever so distant paycheque. So to keep us (and the fluffies) from completely succumbing to cabin fever, we’ve challenged our email newsletter readers to take on a daily task. Some of these tasks been fun and playful, others are more practical suggestions related to improving your pet’s healthcare and wellbeing. So, if you’ve missed a few dates or aren’t signed up to our newsletter, here’s your full recap of January’s pet-tacular suggestions from us, Pet Drugs Online…


That’s your lot for ’31 ways in 31 days’, folks! We hope that our suggestions and advice has given you the chance to ‘love them well’, understand their needs and generally make a lot of fun memories with your fluffy fave(s). And if you aren’t already subscribed to our newsletter, what are you waiting for?

This post is an opinion and should only be used as a guide. You should discuss any change to your pet’s care or lifestyle thoroughly with your vet before starting any program or treatment.

If in doubt contact your veterinary practice

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