4 Tips to Bring Your Pet into Work

Sindi Barrios

It’s ‘Take Your Pet To Work Day’ today, and at Pet Drugs Online HQ we’re regularly bringing in our four-legged friends to help us out in the office. We find their presence is a great stress reliever and they’re always up to mischief, making us laugh and feel relaxed. And we’re not alone, with 3.2 million new pets being brought into UK houses since the start of lockdown, it’s a common trait for owners to want their workplaces to allow their pets to join them.

It has been recorded that 79% of people want to discuss pet-friendly options when searching for a job but 56% of employers find it hard to implement a pet policy. While we hope that flexibility is something that we can take away from lockdown, we hope these tips can help you when you’re not working from home.

1. Do they have everything they need?

By bringing toys and chews to work with your pet, you’re able to occupy them while avoiding them distracting your colleagues or getting too much attention from your employers if they’re less keen. Chews are often proven to be a good calming technique for our pets, so introducing these to their day will help them to settle into the environment. Also- remember to refill their bowl with fresh water and try to continue any routines you’d have at home, for example snacking or mealtimes.

2. Is there somewhere for them to relax?

Creating a home from home environment for your pet is a great way of encouraging them to settle and feel safe and comfortable. Bring in their bed or somewhere soft with a familiar scent where they can curl up and sleep or relax. This place can be somewhere hidden under your desk or perhaps in a quiet corner, giving them their own space in a new environment will help to avoid distress.

3. Watch out for signs of anxiety

If coming into the office is new for your pet, observe them closely to see how they feel and if they settle. Unfortunately, some pets can be quite anxious, and if they were born during lockdown, they can be unfamiliar with lot’s of people or new environments. Some signs to show they’re distressed are pacing, panting, requiring a lot of attention, vomiting and frequently going to the toilet within the office. If you think your pet could be unhappy within the environment, request to work from home for the rest of the day or pop them home during your break.

4. Don’t forget their lead!

Our final tip when bringing your pet into the workplace is to regularly encourage them to go to the loo outside and stretch their legs. This will help them to settle and release any bursts of energy from the excitement of a new environment. If there are other pets in the office, it might be a good idea to introduce them outdoors on a lead so there’s no clash of personalities or territory making!

While we understand that some employers may be more enthusiastic than others about bringing our pets to the work place, we hope these tips can help you enjoy a new work life with your companion.

If in doubt contact your veterinary practice

And always keep your vet's phone number handy - just in case!