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Cats and Fireworks

Halloween, Bonfire Night (that now rolls into Bonfire Week) and even New Years Eve - there's something special about watching fireworks with loved ones, all wrapped up in the cold. Our kitty’s, however, do not appreciate fireworks this year nor any previous years! With super-sensitive hearing and connecting loud noise with danger, there’s no surprise they can become irked. So listen to their behaviour, needs and get prepared with our tips below for when things go bump in the night...

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Cat 4 minutes

Kidney Problems in Cats

The kidneys are multifunctional organs. Not only do they regulate urine production and eliminate toxins from the body they also help to control blood pressure, maintain equal amounts of minerals in the body and assist red blood cell production. Do you know the difference between acute or chronic kidney disease? Read on to find out how to spot the telltale signs and how you can prevent renal problems in cats.

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Pet First Aid: fits and seizures in cats

If your cat has idiopathic or primary epilepsy, then you'll know what to expect when they're about to have a seizure. However, if your cat has a fit due to an external factor, like brain trauma, high or low blood pressure or from consuming a toxic substance, you may be caught off guard. Do you know how to prevent or manage fitting in cats? Get clued up for any seizure emergency scenarios...

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