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Dog 11 min

How to use a Panacur Plunger Syringe

Worming. A task that doesn’t rank highly in the fun-o-meter nonetheless is essential for your pet’s health. Perhaps you’ve tried a tablet or liquid wormers without much success so have decided to try out other formulas? Step forward the Panacur Paste Syringe for dogs and cats.

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Cat 12 minutes

Cats and Fireworks

Halloween, Bonfire Night (that now rolls into Bonfire Week) and even New Years Eve - there's something special about watching fireworks with loved ones, all wrapped up in the cold. Our kitty’s, however, do not appreciate fireworks this year nor any previous years! With super-sensitive hearing and connecting loud noise with danger, there’s no surprise they can become irked. So listen to their behaviour, needs and get prepared with our tips below for when things go bump in the night...

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Cat 10 minutes

Liver Problems in Cats

From cleansing the blood and helping digestion to absorbing vitamins and minerals – the liver is a super organ. Because the liver plays such a vital role in regulating bodily functions, it is more prone to be affected by a variety of different sources. Do you know the signs of liver problems in cats or how you can prevent your cat from succumbing to liver failure?

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