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Dog 19 min

Urinary Issues in Dogs

From UTI's and kidney or bladder stones to chronic illnesses - our dog's urinary organs are affected just as easy as our own. Don't let them suffer in silence - find out the key symptoms of urinary issues in dogs and what you can do to improve urinary health and what measures you can take to prevent.

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Dog 18 minutes

Money saving tips for pet owners

Some might say that you can’t put a price on a dog’s love, but with an average £57bn being spent on pets in Europe and £7bn in the UK each year, it appears every penny matters even when shopping for our pet supplies. Do you know how to save money on food, medication, vaccinations and pet sitting?

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Dog 12 minutes

How to use a Panacur Plunger Syringe

Worming. A task that doesn’t rank highly in the fun-o-meter nonetheless is essential for your pet’s health. Perhaps you’ve tried a tablet or liquid wormers without much success so have decided to try out other formulas? Step forward the Panacur Paste Syringe for dogs and cats.

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