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Dog 9 min

What is Tear Staining and Why Does It Happen?

It is common for our pets to have tear stains from their eyes, but on some breeds, they show up more than on others. They can appear as reddish-brown marks on the fur around your pet’s eyes, however, these marks can be unsightly and noticeable, staining quickly. Interestingly, dog and cat tears naturally contain high […]

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Dog 32 minutes

Tips For Saving Money On Your Pet

Look after the pennies… the old adage goes. If anything, it is even more true in the digital world than it ever has been before. Pet Drugs Online was founded to drive the price of the very best pet medicines, foods, supplements and everyday treatments down. In 2020 we estimated the annual ‘running cost’ of […]

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Dog 7 minutes

Seresto Flea and Tick Collar

Want up to 8 months’ continuous flea protection in a single application? Seresto has to be the easiest flea and tick treatment available to UK pet owners. Fleas and ticks do more than just bite. They can also transmit diseases, which can be harmful and even fatal for pets. Only Seresto flea and tick control […]

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