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Cat 2 min

Cat Anatomy – or Catnatomy! A Look Inside Your Cat

Do you know where your cat’s liver is? How about their phalanges? They’re constantly in our lives and on our laps; yet under the skin and on the inside, they are a mystery!

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Well-being 3 minutes

Breaking the Flea Cycle – How To Stop Fleas

Fleas. They are going to get your pet at some point in their lives. Even the best kept homes, with the best kept pets could one day be suddenly riddled with scratching cats, itchy dogs and owners with bites on their ankles.

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Environmental 2 minutes

Travelling With Your Pet

Many people require their pets to travel - whether it’s a trip to the vet, into town or even to go on holiday.  The following advice is intended to make pet travel easier for both people and their companions.

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