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Well-being 3 min

Breaking the Flea Cycle – How To Stop Fleas

Fleas. They are going to get your pet at some point in their lives. Even the best kept homes, with the best kept pets could one day be suddenly riddled with scratching cats, itchy dogs and owners with bites on their ankles.

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Behaviour 2 minutes

Coping with the loss of a pet

Whether its Tom Hardy’s heartfelt eulogy to his dog, or the Queen’s loss of one of her beloved Corgis; as pet lovers we can all relate to the heartbreak of losing a pet.

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Well-being 3 minutes

Cat Vaccinations

You are responsible for your cat's every health requirement, so you need to seriously contemplate the problems they'll face throughout their lives if you don't 'take arms against the sea of infectious troubles'. Or in a less Shakespearean mode, getting them vaccinated!

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