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Review: Advantage Spot On Flea Treatment

Advantage is a non-prescription spot-on flea treatment from Bayer. It comes in packs of 4 pipettes (not three like many others) and uses a different active ingredient (imidacloprid) to the likes of Frontline, Flevox, Effipro etc (fipronil). It works within one day of application and is effective for 4 weeks on dogs, 3 to 4 weeks on cats and 1 week on rabbits.

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Review: Drontal Tasty Bone Worming Tablets For Dogs

Worms are quite literally a pain in the backside, so Drontal Tasty Bone for dogs looks make the process simple and we aim to make it cost effective. Drontal Dog are flavoured with meat to make them palatable and a distinctive bone shape. They are for the treatment of intestinal worms, including tapeworm, roundworm, hookworm and whipworm.

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Review: Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d Low Fat Wet Food For Dogs

Hill's Prescription Diet i/d low fat wet food for dogs has been created specifically to help manage gastrointestinal disorders and not pile on the pounds! Low fat i/d has been designed to be highly digestible and yet still provide all the nutrients your dog needs during digestive tract recovery. After switching you should be able to see the difference in as little as 3 days as it has increased soluble fibre to nourish the intestinal cells and flora and increased electrolytes to replace those lost from vomiting, diarrhoea, etc.

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Dog 5 min

Collars, Leads and Harnesses

So, you’re looking for a new collar, lead or harness? Presumably, this means your current walking attire is looking as though it’s seen better days or you're welcoming home a new addition. Before purchasing, take into consideration the size, age and breed of your pooch so you can make walkies or training that bit more enjoyable…

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Dog 4 minutes

Vomiting in Dogs

The predicament when trying to diagnose why your dog is vomiting is figuring out whether it's an underlying medical condition or from consuming too much of what they shouldn't have. Fortunately, in most cases, the cause of the sickness is not serious and is easily treated. Read on to find out the most common causes...

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Dog 3 minutes

Heatstroke in Dogs

With the record-breaking temperatures of last years summer, there’s no surprise that heatwaves are now thirty times more likely in the UK. It’s not just us humans affected but our fluffy favourites are most at risk. So, think ahead and plan how you can keep your dog safe in summer at home or away on holiday...

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