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Dog 4 min

Christmas Dangers for Dogs

Christmas is great time for dogs and dog owners. You get more time to spend with them and just every now and again there is a chance for that classic snowy walk. But there are some hidden dangers, so it pays to consider these before the party gets into full swing.

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Cat 2 minutes

Cat Anatomy – or Catnatomy! A Look Inside Your Cat

Do you know where your cat’s liver is? How about their phalanges? They’re constantly in our lives and on our laps; yet under the skin and on the inside, they are a mystery!

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Dog 3 minutes

Facts About Dogs: 13 Things You Might Not Know

We could spend hours (and often do) discussing dog trivia! We won’t keep you that long, but we’ve gathered together our favourite 10 facts about canine biology – to share. Then realised we had three too many and couldn’t bear to cut any. So, glossing over the unlucky list length, did you know that…

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