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Review: Advantage Spot On Flea Treatment

Advantage is a non-prescription spot-on flea treatment from Bayer. It comes in packs of 4 pipettes (not three like many others) and uses a different active ingredient (imidacloprid) to the likes of Frontline, Flevox, Effipro etc (fipronil). It works within one day of application and is effective for 4 weeks on dogs, 3 to 4 weeks on cats and 1 week on rabbits.

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Review: Drontal Tasty Bone Worming Tablets For Dogs

Worms are quite literally a pain in the backside, so Drontal Tasty Bone for dogs looks make the process simple and we aim to make it cost effective. Drontal Dog are flavoured with meat to make them palatable and a distinctive bone shape. They are for the treatment of intestinal worms, including tapeworm, roundworm, hookworm and whipworm.

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Review: Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d Low Fat Wet Food For Dogs

Hill's Prescription Diet i/d low fat wet food for dogs has been created specifically to help manage gastrointestinal disorders and not pile on the pounds! Low fat i/d has been designed to be highly digestible and yet still provide all the nutrients your dog needs during digestive tract recovery. After switching you should be able to see the difference in as little as 3 days as it has increased soluble fibre to nourish the intestinal cells and flora and increased electrolytes to replace those lost from vomiting, diarrhoea, etc.

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Dog 19 min

Urinary Issues in Dogs

From UTI's and kidney or bladder stones to chronic illnesses - our dog's urinary organs are affected just as easy as our own. Don't let them suffer in silence - find out the key symptoms of urinary issues in dogs and what you can do to improve urinary health and what measures you can take to prevent.

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Dog 12 minutes

How to use a Panacur Plunger Syringe

Worming. A task that doesn’t rank highly in the fun-o-meter nonetheless is essential for your pet’s health. Perhaps you’ve tried a tablet or liquid wormers without much success so have decided to try out other formulas? Step forward the Panacur Paste Syringe for dogs and cats.

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Dog 7 minutes

Heart Problems in Dogs

When your pup has a heart of gold, it’s difficult to see what could be wrong with their little ticker. Did you know that around 15% of dogs in the UK are affected by some sort of heart condition? Read on to find out how you can spot the early signs of heart problems in dogs, how to prevent the most common conditions and treat them…

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