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Puppy Checklist

The slogan 'a dog is for life, not just for Christmas' was coined by The Dog’s Trust nearly 40 years ago. The charity reports that online searches for “new puppy” in the weeks before Christmas increased by 44% in 2019 compared to the previous year. Sadly, the charity also reports that many new dog owners looking to rehome their dogs by about March.

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Dog 3 minutes

Facts About Dogs: 13 Things You Might Not Know

We could spend hours (and often do) discussing dog trivia! We won’t keep you that long, but we’ve gathered together our favourite 10 facts about canine biology – to share. Then realised we had three too many and couldn’t bear to cut any. So, glossing over the unlucky list length, did you know that…

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Behaviour 11 minutes

My Dog Is Frightened By Fireworks – What Can I Do?

No dogs really like fireworks. Some can tolerate them, but others are terrified. Nowadays the scares start with Halloween, bonfire “night” lasts a week, and night-time bangs can linger all the way to New Year. So here’s a few tips to help keep your dog just that little bit calmer when the bangs and flashes begin!

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