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Wren & Rocco’s First Night

Double trouble in the shape of two new puppies will be landing at the Pet Drugs Online office this week. We’re going to be following the arrival of Wren and Rocco, how they settle in, their development and growth over the next few months. So, we took time to talk to the puppies two owners Neil (Rocco) and Maria (Wren) to capture their hopes and fears - before the puppies indefinitely take over.

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Behaviour 11 minutes

My Dog Is Frightened By Fireworks – What Can I Do?

No dogs really like fireworks. Some can tolerate them, but others are terrified. Nowadays the scares start with Halloween, bonfire “night” lasts a week, and night-time bangs can linger all the way to New Year. So here’s a few tips to help keep your dog just that little bit calmer when the bangs and flashes begin!

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Behaviour 10 minutes

Phantom Pregnancy in Dogs

False pregnancy in dogs, phantom pregnancy in dogs, pseudopregnancy or pseudocyesis can be defined as a display of maternal behaviour together with the physical signs of pregnancy following oestrus (heat) in a non-pregnant dog. Regardless of whether your dog has been previously mated or not is irrelevant.

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