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Dog 6 min

Why Do Dogs Love Eating Poo?

You’re not alone. It’s not just your pet that eats faeces, with 23% of dogs being reported to ingest their own or other animals produce – and even worse, 16% being regular offenders. In fact, it even has a name – coprophagia, the ingestion of poo. While it may seem pretty disgusting, this can also […]

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Dog 10 minutes

Wren & Rocco’s First Night

Double trouble in the shape of two new puppies will be landing at the Pet Drugs Online office this week. We’re going to be following the arrival of Wren and Rocco, how they settle in, their development and growth over the next few months. So, we took time to talk to the puppies two owners Neil (Rocco) and Maria (Wren) to capture their hopes and fears - before the puppies indefinitely take over.

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Dog 3 minutes

Facts About Dogs: 13 Things You Might Not Know

We could spend hours (and often do) discussing dog trivia! We won’t keep you that long, but we’ve gathered together our favourite 10 facts about canine biology – to share. Then realised we had three too many and couldn’t bear to cut any. So, glossing over the unlucky list length, did you know that…

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