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Dog 3 min

Facts About Dogs: 13 Things You Might Not Know

We could spend hours (and often do) discussing dog trivia! We won’t keep you that long, but we’ve gathered together our favourite 10 facts about canine biology – to share. Then realised we had three too many and couldn’t bear to cut any. So, glossing over the unlucky list length, did you know that…

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Behaviour 3 minutes

Phantom Pregnancy in Dogs

False pregnancy in dogs, phantom pregnancy in dogs, pseudo pregnancy or pseudocyesis can be defined as a display of maternal behaviour together with the physical signs of pregnancy following oestrus (heat) in a non-pregnant dog. Regardless of whether your dog has been previously mated or not is irrelevant.

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Behaviour 2 minutes

Dog Behaviour: Parlez-vous Woof?

As the old saying goes: "Dog's do speak, but only to those that listen" the key to a good relationship is communication.

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