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Environmental 12 min

Magnificent 7 Stable Essentials – The Best Horse Products For Less Than £10

We ran a survey of our considerable cohort of riders to find which under £10 products that they always keep close to hand at their stables. So here, in A-Z form is our riders’ magnificent 7 favourites!

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Well-being 8 minutes

Canker and Thrush in Horses’ Hooves

Thrush in horses is a condition affecting the frog of the foot, in most cases, the horse will appear perfectly sound and untroubled. However, if left untreated it can spread to other parts of the foot like the hoof wall and heel bulb. This can lead to some pain around the affected areas, limb swelling and at worse, result in lameness.

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Well-being 2 minutes

Horse Teeth

Evolution has equipped the horse with large batteries of robust grinding teeth, ideal for the horse's natural feeding behaviour, which is perfect for the long periods of grazing on tough grass.

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