Magnificent 7 Stable Essentials – The Best Horse Products For Less Than £10

Trent Webb

We ran a survey of our considerable cohort of riders to find which under £10 products that they always keep close to hand at their stables. So here, in A-Z form is our riders’ magnificent 7 favourites – if you’re looking to find out the best horse products, look no further!

Aniwell Filtabac Cream#1 Aniwell Filtabac Cream

Luckily we actually had a summer in 2018. This meant more riding opportunities and (finally) a dry field, but such salad days have downsides too – mostly in the form of dry skin and sunburn. Which is where Aniwell Filtabac comes in.

It is an antibacterial skin protector that works as a salve for sunburn and a sunblock with an SPF of 29-33. So if their ears get a bit pink in the sun, or they pick up a nick to the skin; smear the offending area in Filtabac. It is antibacterial and acts as a barrier to protect the damaged area, while stimulating the healthy surrounding tissue.

It can also be used on the dog. Or your heat-lamp loving exotic. It can even be used on cats, but you’re advised to check with a vet first for felines.

Available in 50g, 120g and 220g tubes or a 500g pots, get some before the sun picks up next spring. As 2019 is going to be even hotter – fingers crossed!

Barrier Aloe Vera Soothing Gel#2 Barrier Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

Everyone loves Aloe Vera! Indeed after a cold winter morning breaking ice in the bucket it is an essential for dry human hands. Your horse is no different, other than they don’t have hands, but they’d love the feeling of Aloe Vera Soothing Gel being rubbed into sore or raw skin.

A totally natural product it both protects and aids the natural healing processes. It can be applied directly to angry skin, grazes and insect bites. It will take their mind off the area and stop them (at least for a while) trying to nibble or rub the offending area better.

Cuts, grazes and sore patches are inevitable, so be ready, and have some to hand for a daubing the minute you spot it.

Barrier Aloe Vera Soothing Gel comes in a 250ml tub

Derma Gel#3 Derma Gel

Another skin protector, Derma Gel offers intensive and fast skin care by providing a protective barrier effective against foreign contaminants. The gel works to keep the epidermal environment moist. It can also help to clean (always handy in the middle of a meadow in the middle off the night) and deride necrotic (dead) tissue. When healing kicks in Derma Gel also encourages full hair regrowth and a smooth skin.

Derma Gel best point though is perhaps that it comes two different forms a spray and pump gel dispenser. The pump dispenser is great for when you need a great big dollop to cover a large area, while the spray can be used in hard to reach or sensitive areas – if your horse isn’t spooked by the sound of aerosols.

Derma Gel does not contain steroids so is completely safe to use on a mare in foal and on horses in competition.

Available in a 50 ml spray and a 100 ml gel tube. Just ignore the slightly alarming red can, which looks more like a fire extinguisher than skin spray.

Hibiscrub Medical#4 Hibiscrub Medical

Now this isn’t for the horse but for you. Hibiscrub contains chlorhexidine gluconate, which provides a broad spectrum of activity against bacteria combined with a residual action and on skin up to 6 hours after use. It is the pink stuff you’ll see the vet and nurses using at the surgery.

Chlorhexidine gluconate is effective against a wide range of Gram-positive and Gram-negative vegetative bacteria including MRSA, MSSA, dermatophyte fungi and lipophilic viruses. Which all make it sound pretty heavy duty, but it also has emollients to help soften, reduce moisture loss and hydrate skin.

Horse owners will appreciate diluted Hibiscrub as an antiseptic hand wash that they can rely on to safely clean up – no matter what you’ve just had to touch!

Hibiscrub is available in a 500ml bottle. Remember to dilute before use.

Please note this product is only licensed for use on humans – it is not licensed for veterinary usage.

Robinson Animalintex Single#5 Robinson Animalintex Single

This veterinary poultice and wound dressing is the kind of thing you keep meaning to get but never quite around to, right up to the time when the horse gets an abscess – when you wish you had one right now! It is fully licensed by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate, as it has a pharmaceutical effect when helping to deal with the likes of abscesses, bruises, laminitis, mud fever, seedy toe, sprains, thrush or wounds.  It promotes faster healing by way of maintaining a cleaner wound environment, keeping everything moist and (the best bit) is easily changed and doesn’t fall apart as you take it off!

A Robinson Animalintex poultice should be changed at least every 12 hours, so it best a to keep a few in, and it goes without saying if you’re in the slightest bit worried by what you see during changing – call your vet!

Poultices are sold in singles in 40g packs

Veterinary Wound Dressing Powder#6 Veterinary Wound Dressing Powder

Nobody likes a naked wound, so make sure your horse’s wounds are dressed to the nines, with Veterinary Wound Powder. Well, it is not strictly dressing like that, more like dressing a salad… let’s give that analogy up. Veterinary Wound Powder is simply a creamy white powder you ‘puff’ onto a rinsed external wound.

This powder then adheres to the wound and acts sort of like talc, drying the area. It contains 2% w/w chloramine BP which then gets to work as a disinfectant, keeping the wound free of nasties and promoting natural healing.

We’re obliged to say this product should not be used in food-producing animals.

Veterinary Wound Dressing Powder is available in 20g and 125g bottles, so the small one can easily live in a rucksack or glove box just in case.

Vetrap Bandage by 3M#7 Vetrap Bandage by 3M

Bandages are bad news and no one looks forward to doing it, but you have to be ready just in case. Vetrap is our choice, as this strong, latex covered bandage is easy to put on as there’s no extra pins or tape required.

Vetrap is a, self-adherent bandage which can firmly support sprains, protect wounds or hold a dressing in place. It is can be used to apply pressure, yet is flexible enough that it won’t compromise circulation – even without padding.

Its real trick though it that it sticks to itself without adhesive, so it can be easily wound around areas that are difficult to bandage. Yet it won’t stick to hair and is porous enough to let the skin to breathe.

Two widths are available 5cm and 7.5cm and each bandage is 4.5m (5 yards) long.

All of the above horse products are ideal for those quick fixes and instant first aid every rider has to administer. For anything more serious, or if a cut, bruise or wound doesn’t clear up quickly – see your vet. Better a false alarm than months of treatment and a very glum horse.

This post is an opinion and should only be used as a guide. You should discuss any change to your pet’s care or lifestyle thoroughly with your vet before starting any program or treatment.

If in doubt contact your veterinary practice

And always keep your vet's phone number handy - just in case!