What is Tear Staining and Why Does It Happen?

Sindi Barrios

It is common for our pets to have tear stains from their eyes, but on some breeds, they show up more than on others. They can appear as reddish-brown marks on the fur around your pet’s eyes, however, these marks can be unsightly and noticeable, staining quickly.

Interestingly, dog and cat tears naturally contain high amounts of porphyrins, an iron-containing compound derived from red blood cell breakdown within their bodies. However, when tears sit on the skin the porphyrins staining will intensify over time due to the presence of light – meaning they will get harder to remove the longer they are left.

Not only that, when tears sit on the skin around the eye, they make it damp which can attract a lot more bacteria which if that isn’t bad enough, can create their own porphyrins. This also now means that the tear staining can get even worse.

Fortunately for your pet, we have a solution thanks to Ocryl – the ultimate eye cleanser and tear stain remover.


Ocryl tear staining remover and eye cleanser

Something to keep in the cupboard for any cat and/or dog owners, Ocryl has been specifically designed to reduce hair discolouration, and clean around their eye area. Studies show that tear staining is more likely to occur in certain breeds. Tears can find their way onto the face more easily on some breeds, rather than draining normally down the tear ducts meaning the staining is more common. For instance, this may be due to the shape of the face, abnormalities of the tear ducts, or small hairs around the corners of the eye that wick tears onto the face. It is particularly common in breeds like Maltese Terriers, Poodles, Bichons, Cockapoos, and Bulldogs.

In most cases tear staining is largely a cosmetic problem, and your pet will lead an otherwise normal life, however, some pets with tears stains may have underlying eye problems which mean they overproduce tears due to ocular irritation. These tears can then spill over onto the face resulting in tear staining. It is important to ensure underlying reasons for tear staining have been ruled out by a vet as, if ignored, the problem may progress and be harder to treat.

Ocryl will gently care for your pet quickly, also delivering soothing rose extract within the formula. Preparing their eyes for other drops and ointments, you can trust Ocryl to properly cleanse their eyes while removing difficult marks, debris, and stains.

If in doubt contact your veterinary practice

And always keep your vet's phone number handy - just in case!