Why Do Dogs Love Eating Poo?

Sindi Barrios

You’re not alone. It’s not just your pet that eats faeces, with 23% of dogs being reported to ingest their own or other animals produce – and even worse, 16% being regular offenders.

In fact, it even has a name – coprophagia, the ingestion of poo. While it may seem pretty disgusting, this can also be damaging to our four-legged friends’ health.

Coprophagia can increase the risk of pathogen transmission, some of which may be zoonotic (i.e., can transmit from your pet to you and your family).

We can understand how this behaviour is unpleasant for any owner. It can be both embarrassing and frustrating when they continue to insist on their favourite snack.

So why is it that our dogs love to eat poo?

In most cases, coprophagia is the result of some behavioural triggers; most behaviour-associated issues simply require a little help to convince your dog it’s not so delicious after all. It’s important that we encourage you to visit your vet to discuss the problem, but this training can be supported by Copro-nil.

How can Copro-nil help?

Copro-nil is a food supplement that makes faeces unpalatable to your pet, helping you break the cycle of their poo eating behaviour. It also provides a comprehensive B vitamin source to help replenish underlying deficiencies that could be contributing to the issue. It also comes in an easy powder for even distribution throughout the stool by sprinkling over their meal.

Our 4 steps to helping your dog break their habit can include:

Your dog no longer has to be in the “1 in 6” who eat faeces.

If in doubt contact your veterinary practice

And always keep your vet's phone number handy - just in case!