World Animal Day

Claire Dunling

Yes, loving and supporting animals should be the norm 365 days of the year. However, showing your support on World Animal Day on the 4th of October can make huge improvements to animals worldwide. Since its beginning in 1925, the annual event has continuously raised the status of animals and improved welfare standard legislations.

The initiative encourages animal welfare groups to organise events that help to fundraise while increasing awareness of unethical animal practises. Each group will use the World Animal Day branding and logo to unify the cause globally. Often, animal welfare groups can struggle to gain media coverage, due to a lack of funding and awareness. So, participating in WAD allows campaigners to get important animal issues the attention needed on a global scale – an essential strategy to improve animal rights and welfare worldwide.

Show your support for World Animal Day

If you work for an animal welfare organisation, you can apply to become a voluntary WAD ambassador. Within this role, volunteers are expected to create awareness of the movement and to encourage animal organisations, community groups, businesses and individuals to partake in organising events. In turn, the organisation that voluntary ambassadors represent will have a page allocated to them to detail the work carried out by their organisation’s animal welfare work.

Keen to show your solidarity with the WAD cause? Then search for your local animal welfare charities and see what events you can get involved in! You could attend educational and awareness events, shelter opening days and conferences or workshops to educate both adults and children on treating animals humanely and compassionately.

If protesting or rallying is your cup of tea, sign up for the biggest march for laboratory animals which is taking place in Oxford. Or, for something entertaining and still a WAD-centric event, you could attend an evening of music and revelry all in the name of charity at the RSPCA’s ‘One Pawsome Evening’ in Bradford.

Perhaps you’re unable to make any event on the day. If this is the case then you can tune into the radio or TV for a selection of shows and discussions on how you can make small changes at home that’ll make a big difference to animals around the world. Similarly, if you head to the World Animal Day you can find a wide range of news showing how other animal lovers are doing their bit across the globe.

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